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Eyelash Extensions Fort Wayne will help you get the look you want with customized lash extensions applied just the way you ask!

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Thank you for showing interest in eyelash extensions Fort Wayne. We are the one stop shop for all of your eyelash needs.

Have you been wanting to get eyelash extensions, but you don’t know if they’re right for you? We can tell you that they are 100% for you.

Ditch your irritating mascara and your painful eyelash curler and

live the life of simplicity. Our eyelash extensions give you longer eyelashes with fullness that cannot be matched. You won’t need to spend another penny on mascara that doesn’t work.

We have a full lash service menu that caters to your every eyelash need. Our lash bar offers eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, and eyelash tinting. We are the only salon you need for eye enhancing services.

The lash artists we employ are ahead of the game when it comes to the techniques and applications of eyelash extensions.

Fort Wayne eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions Fort Wayne IN

We know what great eyelashes are supposed to look like because we apply the best eyelash extensions Fort Wayne has to offer and we give them to you every single time. Your happiness is what we strive for.

  • Passion - It is our mission to always keep our passion for eyelash extensions. Our team is extensively trained and we are always improving. We love to learn new techniques and styles because it fuels our passion and helps us properly execute the passion into reality.
  • Self Confidence - It is our goal to help you feel confident in all aspects of your life. Eyelash extensions will help you feel put together at any given moment. You can even wake up and go if you want to. You will never worry about the look of your eyelashes again.
  • Satisfaction - We value our clients and hope to give you the satisfaction you deserve with every appointment that you have at our salon. We do follow ups with everyone to make sure we are on the same page with your eyelash extensions and you are always happy.

We have been passionate about applying the most precise lash extensions Fort Wayne has seen in our community for a long time. Our lash team has brought to reality the best eyelash extensions Fort Wayne Indiand has ever seen.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose us first because we lead the lash industry in Fort Wayne. We give customized lash applications for everyone that has walked through our doors. Your eyelash extensions will perfectly fit your personality, lifestyle, and overall look.

The most important things that we provide are:

  1. Consistency - We are consistent with our work. You will always know what to expect when it comes to your lash application. Our lash artists are all equally qualified to recreate the eyelashes you are looking for.
  2. Professionalism - We know that taking time out of your schedule is hard, so we make your time matter when you are with us. Our eyelash salon is dedicated to being professional and kind to every client we see.
  3. Quality - We want quality in every part of the lash process that we are involved in. From quality lash applications to high quality products and materials, we are here to give you an elite lash extension experience.
  4. Cleanliness - Our lash artists are all clean and sanitary. We are all careful about the well being of your eyes and eyelashes. It is the most important thing we can do for you because you deserve a clean and sanitized appointment.

Since we have been doing eyelash extensions in the community for so many years, we know what the women want. We are able to glam you up or keep you natural looking.

Customized lashes are important to achieve the most elegant eyelash extensions Fort Wayne has ever applied.

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What To Expect?

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Your lash appointment will be a smooth and easy experience. We know what needs to be done to keep our clients relaxed and ready to get eyelash extensions.

  • Consultation - The consultation is done before the lash application. We never miss this step because it is vital that everyone is on the same page and understands each other. You will pick what style of lashes you want during the consultation to give you the best fake eyelashes.
  • Application - The application is done once the lash style and technique is chosen. You will lay back and relax your body while we apply eyelash extensions one at a time. We will play music for you so you can truly calm your body and feel comfortable.
  • Post Application - Once we have finished your lash set, you will be able to check them out and see if we have done all that you have asked us to do. We will set up an appointment for you to come back in 2-4 weeks to fill in the fullest lashes Fort Wayne has ever applied.
  • When You Get Home -You will want to be careful not to tug or pull on your eyelashes. We recommend keeping them dry for at least a 24 hour period so the adhesive can cure.
  • Your lashes need to be cleansed - on a daily basis so they do not have a build up of bacteria. This can cause itchiness and pain around your lash line.


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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes are done by placing a synthetic eyelash to 1 isolated natural lash. This set can give you the look of longer and fuller lashes and yet keep your eyelashes looking natural. The classic lash technique is well known because it has been around the longest. It is the perfect style to get if you are new to Fort Wayne eyelash extensions.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelashes are done by placing a fan of thin lash extensions to 1 isolated natural lash. This set can give you the look of extremely full eyelashes, especially if you have hardly any natural eyelashes. The volume lash technique is very popular for women who want bold eyelash extensions.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions

A full set is done as a first initial lash set. It takes a little bit more time because we are adding lashes to all of your natural eyelashes. A full set is also put on someone who doesn't have many previous applied eyelash extensions left on their eyes. We need time to make your lashes full.

Fill Eyelash Extensions

A fill is done on previously applied eyelash extensions. It does not take as long as a full set takes. We are simply filling in the extensions that have naturally fallen off within the 2-4 weeks. It is important that you come in and fill your lashes if you want to continue to have full eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal

We will remove your false ashes whenever you may ask us. It is an appointment that takes no time at all. We take special care of your eyelash extensions during the lash extension removal process. Our removal product nourishes your natural eyelashes while removing the extensions.

Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash lifting curls, gives the appearance of length, and strengthens your natural eyelashes. The lash lift lasts several weeks and will hold the curl during all that life throws at you. You can customize the tightness of your lash curl to make them more natural or dramatic. This service is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting darkens your natural lashes and adds the appearance of fuller and longer eyelashes. The tinting lasts up to a month giving you pigmented eyelashes for an added boost. The lash tint is customizable with our wide variety of tinting colors. You can pick the color that you feel best fits you. This service is great as an add on or by itself.

About Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is located in northeast Indiana and is sometimes considered the “City of Churches”. Harsh weather is not abnormal in the area. Locals enjoy the outdoors in the summer months and have plenty of indoor activities for when the weather isn’t outdoor friendly.

Fort Wayne is known for the Children’s Zoo, Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, and Science Central. The top industries that boost the economy are manufacturing, health care, retail, and finance.

Surrounding cities include:

  1. Wayne Township, IN
  2. St. Joseph Township, IN
  3. Washington Township, IN
  4. Aboite Township, IN
  5. Adams Township, IN
  6. New Haven, IN
  7. Huntertown, IN
  8. Leo-Cedarville, IN
  9. Lake Township, IN
  10. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

Wow, I was so nervous about eyelash extensions but it was such an amazing experience! I love my eyelashes and I was so relaxed the whole appointment.

Danika L.

The lash artists who applied my eyelash extensions knew what she was doing! She answered all of my questions and placed the most comfortable eyelashes I have ever had on.

Alex H.

My lash artist was so sweet and down to earth. She listened to all of my questions and did exactly what I wanted. My eyelashes look so perfect. I can’t wait to come back.

Tami V.

Frequently asked questiona

Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?

Fake lashes do not ruin natural lashes if they are applied properly. We are specially trained to place your lashes on the safest way possible.

How long will my lash extensions last?

With our high grade adhesive, your lash extensions will last up to 4 weeks.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Fort Wayne eyelash extensions pricing will vary for every service we provide. We are happy to explain pricing in detail over the phone.

Can you swim, shower, and cry with your eyelash extensions?

Yes, after your lash adhesive is 100% dried you can get them wet.

Should I do anything after getting my false eyelashes on?

Clean your eyelash extensions every day to prevent bacteria build up around your eyelash line. This will ensure you will have the best false eyelashes.

Are there lashes near me?

If you have been looking for “eyelash extensions near me” or “lash extensions near me” on google and you were searching in the Fort Wayne area, we are the salon you are looking fo

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